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Rach's Rambles Terms and Conditions

Rach's Rambles is a reward based force free training. We will not accept any use of harsh handling in our classes and you will be removed. The use of e-collars, slip leads choke chains and prong collars are not permitted in class

COVID UPDATE: If at any point we have a local lockdown and/ or the trainer has to isolate classes will be held online via zoom where possible. As our classes are outdoor, station can be et up for each person to train in so social distancing can take place easily, and hand sanitiser shall be used while setting up equipment, and after class. If in class please bring your own hand sanitiser to classes and ensure you sanitise your hand before and after the class. 

1. Payment, Cancellations, Rescheduling and Refunds

1.1 Payment is to be made online upfront, at the time of booking. Until payment is made a space cannot be reserved for you, and your booking is not confirmed. You are booking a space in the class, and if you are absent or choose to leave part way through there will be no refund as we are unable to fill the space.

1.2 If you are unable to make your current course you are booked on for, we will fit you onto the next available course free of charge as long as it is outside 14 days of the class start date. If you wish to change your mind up to 14 days before the course starts you will receive a voucher for the amount paid to use for other services/classes.  

1.3 In the event a class is cancelled and it cannot be rescheduled to another date, you will receive a refund for the class missed.

1.4 Due to the country we live in, adverse weather conditions can happen. If there is extreme heat/cold, or it is unsuitable for dog’s or people to be outside, classes will be rescheduled to either online or another date. If you are unable to make the rescheduled date, a refund will not given.

1.5 For training package sessions, change of appointment notice must be given 3 days before the scheduled appointment. If less than 3 days notice has been given there will be no refund. If more than 3 days notice has been given, it will be rescheduled to a different available time.

1.6 Training package sessions are to be used within 3 months of the first session. Any sessions not used are forfeited and non refundable. 

1.7 In the event of a class/session having to be cancelled or rescheduled Rach's Rambles will be held responsible for financial loss incurred from purchases on non-transferable and/ or non-refundable travel, accommodation or any other related expenses. 

2. Privacy and Marketing

2.1 Rach's Rambles will occasionally take photos and videos while training, and may use a photographer from time to time. This will be used for social media, marketing, website and information packs. If you do not wish for your photos to be used please contact us ahead of the session.

2.2 Written feedback may also be used for the above purposes listed in 2.1. If you prefer us to not use your feedback please let us know. 

3. Children

3.1 Children are very welcome to attend classes. We ask that adults ensure that they are under supervision at all times and do not touch or interact with any other dogs in the class without appropriate supervision and permission

3.2 We accept no responsibility of children at classes, it is the responsibility of the supervising adult to ensure the children's safety at all times. Children must not be allowed to disrupt the class, and we reserve the right for disruptive children to not be brought to class. 

3.3 Anyone under the age of 16 has to be accompanied by an adult.

4. Health and Vaccination

4.1 We ask that bitches in season are not brought to class without prior discussion.

4.2 Rach's Rambles accepts no responsibility for the potential or actual exposure to diseases, including internal and external parasites.

4.3 Please note it is your responsibility to keep your dog vaccinated and had worming treatments. We cannot accept any responsibility for illness caught during our classes/ training. 

4.4 Do not bring your dog to class if they have knowingly been in contact with another dog infected by a contagious disease or if they appear unwell. 

5. Safety and Suitability

5.1 Rach's Rambles will only allow dogs on a long line and not off lead during training classes unless specified by the trainer. 

5.2 Dogs in classes must remain on lead and away from contact from other dogs unless instructed to do so by the trainer.

5.3 Any accident or injury must be reported immediately to the trainer conducting the session at the time they occurred.

5.4 Although Rach's Rambles have insurance we strongly recommend that you insure your dog(s) with your own insurance company. At Rach's Rambles we care deeply for your pet(s), just as you would, and will do our utmost to keep them safe and secure.

5.5 When dogs are attending classes (exception for our reactive class) it is imperative they are social and are comfortable around dogs and people. If you are unsure please contact before booking.

6. Training grounds.

6.1 Please be respectful of the space and clean up after your dog. If there is no bin available onsite, please take it home with you or find a nearby bin.

6.2 Rach's Rambles accepts no responsibility for cars parked in the car parks.

6.3 Please park considerably and be aware of moving vehicles for other classes when entering the car parks. 

7. Data Protection 

7.1 Any personal information you give us will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998. 

7.2 We will use information you have given us to update you on other courses or programmes which we provide, unless you have opted out to receive these.

We look forward to seeing you in classes or in person and can't wait to help you on your training journey....

Rach's Rambles 


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