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harlow dog trainer


Rachel with her two Dogs Bertie and Izzy

Hello I’m Rachel and I am the proud owner of Rach’s Rambles. I am a fully qualified trainer by the BIPDT, a DTC approved Instructor and a member of PPN.  I have two lovely dogs of my own and owe it to them for giving me the bug of dog training.

When getting my first dog Bertie back in 2011 we had many struggles. Poor recall, pulled on the lead, stole food, anything you could think of he did! So I decided to enrol in my local dog club.

Many people said to me, as he was a rescue dog, that he comes with 'problems' but I loved him and refused to give up on him. I wanted him to enjoy life with me and show him love.

We trained a lot together and I started to notice the type of training and rewards that Bertie loved, a few months on, and I got asked to become a trainer at the club. I couldn't believe it and so my journey to becoming a dog trainer began.

I read up on everything and went to as many training courses and seminars that I could, and as soon as I got home would practice with Bertie. He was loving life.

Rachs Rambles

The more I learnt, the more I loved. 

So in March 2019 I decided to leave my employment and embark on this journey of my dream job.

I wanted to be able to help the people who love and care for their dog no matter of their 'problems' and help them become a great partnership and have a wonderful life together.

So here I am, another amazing dog Izzy (and a few chickens later) happy to help anyone who may be struggling but can't live without their best friend.

Rachs Rambles
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