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A young cavalier puppy play bowing for the camera in class


A class available for any puppy aged up to 20 weeks old. 
Focussing on socialisation for young dogs with sounds, objects, people and other dogs. 
Suitable play mates will be matched so everyone can learn and observe body language in dogs, and under stand play. 


  • Saturday Mornings 10am-10.30am at The Adventure Bark, Much Hadham, just outside Bishops Stortford

  • Drop in class available at £20 per class.

  • Small class sizes for 1-2-1 attention

harlow puppy classes


Our puppy/beginner classes are perfect for any age dog or puppy that has had no previous training at all. 

We use positive, reward based methods and work on building a relationship with your dog.  The course includes; learning to listen around distractions, having a rapid recall, and a trick here or there!


  • Monday Evenings 6pm-6.45pm at Road safety centre Harlow.

  • Thursday's and Saturdays 11am-11.45am at The Adventure Bark, Much Hadham

  • £120 for OUR EXCITING 6 week course

  • Small class sizes for 1-2-1 attention

  • Starter pack included

  • Printable training guide upon completion

Harlow dog training


Our new and exciting class.

Available for anyone who has previously attended our training classes or 1-2-1's.

Potentially suitable for our reactive doggies, but please message before booking!

A 4-week course designed to fit around busy lifestyles. 

Focussing on training with more distractions either environmental or people/dogs, and understand cues to a higher level. 


  • Monday Evenings 7pm-7.45pm at Road safety centre Harlow.

  • Thursdays and Saturdays 12pm- 12.45pm at The Adventure Bark, Much Hadham, just outside Bishops Stortford.

  • Drop in class £20 per class, no commitment to a course needed.

  • Small class sizes for 1-2-1 attention

hoopers dog agility


Our new and exciting class!

Hooper's is a great and fun activity for dogs and their owners to do together. It's a great low impact sport suitable for any dog of any size. It's also a great alternative if you are stopping a dog sport and want something lower impact. 

It's perfect for any member of the family to take part including children. You will learn how to navigate around a simple flowing course. Focussing on distance handling and your dog listening to directional cues.

Suitable for dogs aged 6 months and over. 


  • Wednesday Evenings 7pm - 7.45pm, held at Road Safety Centre, Harlow

  • £120 for OUR EXCITING 6 week course

  • Small class sizes for 1-2-1 attention

  • Printable DIY Hoop guide available

harlow dog training reactive


Special class for your reactive dogs. 

Are walks becoming mor stressful, and feel like they react to any person or dog? 

This class has been made for you guys, to help you understand your dog's behaviour and most importantly how to help you. Working on understanding your dog's body language, working through their reactivity, and how to help your dog make better choices, so your walks can be less stressful. 

Places go quick for this course!


  • Wednesday Evenings 6pm - 6.45pm, held at Road safety centre, Harlow

  • Saturday 1pm - 1.45pm, held at The Adventure Bark, just outside Bishops Stortford

  • £120 for OUR EXCITING 6 week course

  • Small class sizes for 1-2-1 attention

harlow dog trainer reviews
Follow on class harlow

Finn - Puppy class and Mixed Ability

Rachel's classes are fantastic. She is really creative in how she puts the sessions together. The dogs and owners have lots of fun while learning lots of skills. I would recommend highly!

puppy class harlow

Luna - Puppy class

Rachel has been part of my dog mum life since before I even brought Luna home! She’s given fantastic advice and always gone over and above. Luna loves seeing Rachel for home visits and group walks, and we attended her brilliant puppy training course. HIGHLY recommend Rach’s Rambles - i’m not sure what I’d do without her!

dog training harlow

Reggie -  Mixed Ability

I have attended Rachel's face to face training classes (pre-lockdown) and they were so much fun and informative. I have also used Rachel's training programme packages for behavioural issues that my dogs have and they are so worth the money.

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