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1-2-1 Training

Our tailored 1-2-1 training programmes can help you with your dog struggles from reactivity inside and outside the home to common struggles like recall and classes. 1-2-1 training can benefit you if you experience struggles in certaim areas like your home or local walks. 
With the tailored package you get written reports after each session to help you recap what was covered in the session and how to continue training. 

Available on Weekdays subject to availability 9.30am - 5pm. More info

Rachel giving information to Handlers in her dog training classes in Harlow.

Want to sign up to our reactivity class Problematic Pooches?

This class works on specifically dogs who have big emotions and need the helping hand in their reactivity. From frustration to not being able to meet other dogs, to fearful emotions. This course helps you understand why they react the way they do. Subtle signs you can learn to know when your dog is uncomfortable by understanding their body language, and how to help them feel happier and confident. 
Classes available on Wednesdays 6pm at in Harlow or Saturdays 1pm just outside Bishop's Stortford at The Adventure Bark.

1-2-1 Training Programmes are either offered in 2,4 or 6 sessions long.  Each session is one hour and can be either in the home, on a walk or at a prior agreed location. Secure fields can also be used.

If you are unsure of how many sessions you need, you can email me and then we can discuss your struggles and the best way to help, and how many sessions are advised. Most of our customers then go on to book onto one of the following programmes to start with help straight away.

2 session programme: £100

4 session programme: £200

6 session programme: £300

Please note there is a mileage fee of 45p per mile to home outside 6 miles of Harlow. Upon booking this will be sent on a different invoice. Both invoices have to be paid in order to secure your training

If you know what you need, you can head straight there using the links below:


Session 1-2-1 programme


Session 1-2-1 programme


Session 1-2-1 programme



Rachel is crouched down smiling at a young whippet puppy interacting with her in class.


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