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No way in hell did I think my first blog was going to be about this!

However, in these uncertain times, which I am sure will be stressful for many, I wanted to make a statement to explain how Rach’s Rambles will be working and still sticking to government guidelines.

I am sure you are all aware of the outbreak of the corona virus as well as recent government guidelines regarding isolation and working from home. I understand that at this time this can affect many of us, including families, work and many of us will know someone who is at high risk. I recognise I travel in between homes so this is a quick update from me regarding how I will be reducing risks of spreading the virus.

I know that self isolation can have an impact not only on yourselves but also on your dogs and in turn what they receive in exercise and mental stimulation. I will be posting on Facebook and Instagram daily about how you can use mental stimulation to challenge your dog in different forms of exercise.

How will my walks be affected?

For my dog walking clients: it is business as usual! We will be practicing social distancing on all walks, as per government guidelines, it helps that everyone avoids the crazy dog walker anyway :).

I am happy to continue 1-2-1 training sessions if you are not showing signs of the virus or are in isolation. If you would like your training walk to be changed to a video call I am more than happy to do this or can reschedule when it is better suited.

What are we doing?

I have put the following procedures in place to minimise cross contamination as much as possible.

-Dogs' feet and bellies will be washed down after every walk with water to remove any dirt. I have recently purchased MOBI V-17 which will help with this.

-Handwashing/Hand gel before and after entering peoples homes. I have practiced this anyway as I pick up poop (in a bag!), but will be increasing the frequency.

-I will no longer be using my own towels to wipe down feet as it could increase the spread. If people can leave towels by the front door I will do this on returning your dog(s).

-Dogs will only be allowed on group walks if anyone in your household has not shown symptoms of the virus and you are not in isolation.

-The car will be cleaned down every night (we do this weekly anyway)

In the circumstances that I fall ill and cannot continue to walk your dog(s) I will update everyone ASAP. I am going to be in talks with other dog walkers to see how we can try and help each other in this difficult time.


I will be available for contact via email, phone and text (Whats App) for any questions you may have.

If you are in isolation and do have symptoms of the virus, I am happy to continue your dog(s) walks, but they may be reduced in time depending on demand. This is to prevent spreading the virus as much as possible. If you are in isolation please contact me and we can discuss ways of collecting dog’s, times etc.

Thank You

Lastly I would like to thank everyone with their continued support during this challenging time. As we just celebrated our 1st Birthday this is something new to me, but everyone's support has been amazing and I cannot thank you enough!

Hope everyone is safe and well, and let’s hope this passes soon.

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